About Seed Boys

A little story about us

SeedBoys has humble origins – in the Fall of 2016, me and my brother was inspired with my fathers teenage work on planting trees. It all started when my brother asked my father ‘Why People throw waste in Public roads, Do they accept when we throw back it in their houses’. What my father replied was very impressing ‘Dont throw waste in their house, trow some useful stuffs’. There is what everything started. We stated to throw seed balls across our location. As my father said, people always accept useful things and support our effort.

We roll seed balls by hand in front of the TV, thereby building a re-run habit. In a year we produces a wide collection of seed balls. We started spreading our thoughts to our family members and friends. We formed a team and prepare seed balls. We then started to attend road shows and events. From here we started thinking about our vision.

Our next milestone is to show our Identity, but how! “A Website”.

It all started, when my mother posted our seed preparing images in Facebook and Family Groups. We made an iconic attention with in our family members.

One fine morning we got a call from our uncle, he was very impressed with our activity. He was saying ‘Kids are Rocking’. My father replied ‘They are no more kids they are boys “Seed Boys”‘ Wow! we got our identity. The same day our uncle visited our home and gathered many information about our activities. He advice us to create a website and joined our team from the very next day by creating a website for us “seedboys.in”.

Our website helped us to sell the seed balls from our home to any part of our country. People started responding to our innovation and positive message  made Seed Boys grew wings!

The first year, we moved off and expanded operations. We made seed balls as fast as we could. eCommerce took place in the off hours, packing and sending our products from our dining room. Enough was enough.
We started building trust with our customers.

Now What’s our Mission?

  • Make Seed Balls
  • Educate People and Sell Seed Balls
  • Throw Balls around the world
  • Wait for Rain
  • Grow Trees #Mission Completed